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Grandparents FOR Grandchildren

GFG is a unique community service that provides a range of services for grandparents concerned about the welfare of their grandchildren who might be disadvantaged or in crisis.
The organisation was born out of an urgent need for community and Government support for grandparents and relative carers who struggle with the responsibility, financial and legal complexity of bringing up their grandchildren. 











It all began

In June 2004, a group


How it all began

In June 2004 a group
of dedicated grandparents, along with Helping Hand and Anglicare SA met to discuss the possibility of a grandparents support group for South Australia. A group was formed with the initial goal of advocating on behalf of grandparents and targeting the Government for financial assistance in caring for their grandchildren. Just three years latter and Grandparents FOR Grandchildren is an incorporated body with a dedicated team of volunteers and supporters. We provide vital assistance to South Australian grandparents whose simple aim is to ensure their grandchildren are safe, happy and in a loving environment.


Grandparent carers

Like most other countries, there are a large number of Australian children who are growing up without the love and support of one or both parents.
In December 2003 it was estimated that there were at least 35,000 children in Australia being cared for primarily by their Grandparents. In 2007 it is estimated that this figure has doubled.
A Grandparent is often unprepared for this caring role, but love, support and stability for the grandchildren outweighs any other concerns when the child arrives in the family home. They will do anything to protect and nurture the child - even putting well earned retirement on hold.
This is a sudden major upheaval in the grandparents life, with the extra costs of raising a child a second time round. These financial, legal and social costs usually occur with little, or no outside help. Grandparents wish to see their grandchildren given the best possible chance of reaching their full potential, and are prepared to bear considerable hardship in pursuit of this goal. While we want the children to live with their parents, too often in todays society this does not happen.

Our Purpose.

  • To provide assistance and a range of services for grandparents concerned about the welfare of their grandchildren.
  • To help and inform grandparents who care for their grandchildren full time.
  • To communicate and liaise with Federal, State and Local Governments, community and business organisations and agencies who have an interest in the welfare of children who are at risk of, or subject to, abuse within the family.
  • To develop public awareness, promote community involvement and support families in crisis.
  • To promote, facilitate and impart knowledge into research relating to child abuse.

There are many situations that may lead to grandparents caring for grandchildren.

  • A break down within the family unit, due to substance abuse or mental health issues.
  • The parents are deceased or unable to take care of their child or children.
  • A parent disability or illness related issue.
  • Grandparents have received an emergency request from the Police or Child Protection Agencies.
  • There is violence, lack of parental control, or inappropriate behaviour from parents, family members or friends.

We understand what you are going through.


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